Thursday, October 30, 2008

Prayer Request

As some of you may already know, Pat's dad is not doing well at all. He is 80 years old, has stage four lung cancer and pneumonia. He has been in the hospital since Tuesday morning. He was taken there with his wife, Pat's mom, by ambulance.

He is in the Critical Care Unit at the hospital. His lungs and heart are working against each other. The lungs are filling with fluid thereby putting pressure on his heart. This causes a decreased heart rate which in turn makes it difficult for the lungs to empty of the fluid. Around and around we go in a catch two-two.

Today, Wednesday, his health has been up and down. At times he would seem coherent, and other times he would be confused and disoriented. They had to use the paddles on him earlier due to a sudden drop in his hear rate. I am still unsure as to whether or not he had a heart attack. They also gave him some blood on the suspicion of a blood clot in his lungs. He has a terrible time breathing and is wearing a oxygen mask.

Pat's mom and dad have been married for 60 years. They are a wonderful couple, and this just breaks my heart. Pat is one of seven children, so you can imagine how many of us have been keeping vigil at the hospital. There is a strong sense of family and unity right now...praise God!

Please keep Pat's dad, mom, and our family in your prayers. It has been my prayer that God will keep him comfortable and at peace and grant the family strength and faith through this tough time. Also, it is my prayer that those that do not know God may find Him in this experience, and those that do will be drawn closer to Him.


Ori said...

Hi Tina, I hope God give Pat's dad strength. I'm not good with this situation, but early this year when my Mom was ran to hospital, I'd never prayed as strong as that -I was very hopeless that time. I'm not sure if it's because of my prayer, but I thank Jesus, Mom was cured and now is ok.
Oh, and you can ask for prayer support here too Prayers. I did it once or twice, and the person respond fast, so it really felt supported too.

Take care.
Thanks for placing your EC ad on my blog.

Karen Zemek, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

It's so hard to see our loved ones struggle and deteriorate. Our faith in God helps us through these times. Being married 60 years is quite a milestone. Times like these do bring a family together though.


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