Thursday, January 15, 2009

Five Generations

There are only four of us pictured here, but I wanted to share the picture anyway. Unfortunately, my grandma could not be here for Christmas this year. They spent it in the mountains of Arizona with my uncle. He lives totally off the grid. My hero! One day I would like to be just like him.

It is SO cool having so many generations together at once. What a privilege to have young grandparents. My grandparents are actually younger than Pat's parents. Talk about weird. I do not recall their exact ages, but my grandparents are only in their mid-70's. My mom, pictured at right, will be 59 in March. That is pretty cool, too. Pat's mom is 78, I think. His dad was 79 when he passed away in November. He would have been 80 this coming February. I am sure that time will be hard for everyone. I know the first couple birthdays, holidays, and Father's Day's were hard for me when my dad passed. He was only 57 when he died of Male Breast Cancer.

I am pictured to the left in the picture. My birthday was last week, and I turned 38. My daughter, Amy, is 22 and holding our oldest grandchild, Harmony, who is three-and-a-half. Those halves matter when you are young! Have you ever heard a mom tell someone the age of their child and the child chimes in, "AND A HALF!"? I think that is too cute. If only they knew that making oneself older looses it's charm at about 29 years old.

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