Friday, January 02, 2009


There is much to learn here, and I am starting with reliance. I have been learning this pretty heavily over the past year, not to mention my entire life, but it became a solid understanding in me this past year. God has ALWAYS taken care of me. Have things been tough? You better believe it! BUT, have I ever gone without my needs being met? Absolutely not. God has ALWAYS provided, and he is continuing to do so.

Now, more than ever before, I truly understand the importance of tithe and can see the effects in my life. We are called as servants. God wants to use us, but we need to be submissive. One pattern I have noticed is that, when I faithfully tithe, my finances stay in order and actually improve. However, when I mess up and become even slightly unfaithful, my finances become a mess. It's almost instant!

God uses so many things to teach us, and our lessons are tailor made. Have you ever noticed how God will repeat a lesson as many times as it takes for us to learn what it is we need to know? If we do not pay attention, a gentle nudge could turn into a whack upside the head! As I've grown and matured in life and my relationship with God, thankfully, I have learned to pay closer attention to the details of my life.

What is God trying to teach you? Are you open to His leading? Do you get the lesson the first time, or does it take more than a gentle nudge to get your attention? Are you conscious of life's lessons that play all around you everyday? I continue to become more present and aware in my life and what is happening around me. It definitely pays.

Being more conscious and aware has great rewards. For me the greatest has been peace. When we know and accept that God is in control the benefit is peace. What could we possibly have to worry about if we are not the one in the driver's seat? Try stepping back and observing what happens around you. Let go of control, and learn to be obedient. The rewards are bountiful!

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