Friday, June 20, 2008

Boot Camp Pictures

I just checked the web site for the Sea Cadet Boot Camp, and they have pictures available. After wading through them I did manage to find some of Andrew.

It looks like they are working very hard. We did get a letter home. It was too funny! He was commenting on how he bets the food for Father's Day was so good and better than the food there. Not that the food is too bad there, but mom's food is the best. Gotta love that kid!

We are really looking forward to attending his graduation this Sunday at the Great Lakes Naval Base in Illinois. There will be over 700 family members in attendance for the cadets.

Andrew is fourth back on the left.

Getting the famous military hair cut!

Running the track ~ second back on the left.

Third back, third row from the left.


Asuka said...

This boot camp thing looks so wiked, hope you are enjoying it as much as that is possible. LoL

Tina said...

Guaranteed! He is loving it. You wouln't believe how driven this kid is. This is right up his alley, so to speak.


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