Monday, June 30, 2008

HSLDA German Family Update

Here is the latest news from HSLDA in regard to the German family that I posted about earlier:

HSLDA Condemns German Court
for Jailing Homeschool Parents

June 19, 2008

On Wednesday, June 18, a district court in the German state of Hesse sentenced Jurgen and Rosemary Dudek each to three months in prison simply because they homeschool their seven children.

HSLDA condemns this court ruling in the strongest possible terms. Good parents who love and care for their children should never be sentenced to prison for doing what is best for their children. Germany is a Western nation and should know better.

HSLDA will be helping the Dudeks with their appeals, but German courts have so far consistently ruled against homeschoolers.

More information will be forthcoming as this story develops, and we will keep you informed. In the meantime, please remember the Dudeks in your thoughts and prayers. The family welcomes notes of encouragement which can be sent to:

Family Dudek
Friedrichstr. 6
37293 Archfeld—GERMANY

Thank you for your interest and support of homeschooling freedom in the Federal Republic of Germany.

This continues to touch my heart. If you feel the least bit compelled, please write this family. I cannot imagine their heartache.

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