Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In a Vegan World

I just finished reading The Real Forbidden Fruit: How Meat Destroys Paradise and How Veganism Can Get it Back by Jeff Popick. It was very compelling. Once I began reading I just could not seem to stay away from this book. I found it challenging and thought provoking.

Mr. Popick very effectively conveys his perspective on how the consumption of meat has destroyed any possibility of peace and harmony in our human existence. The idea that it was really meat that destroyed paradise as opposed to an apple or fig challenges conventional thinking. This book will likely make it to my bookshelf as it is currently borrowed from the library. Seriously, I had to force myself to not mark this one up with notations and underlines. I will most certainly read it again.

Over the weekend it was tremendously challenging to not eat any animal products. I was so compelled while reading this that I just couldn't bring myself to do it. We were traveling, and I was not prepared with my own food. Not to mention we were unfamiliar with the area. I made do with what was available and ate quite well despite my unplanned vegan weekend.

Mr. Popick's perspective is practical and rather genious. One might wonder, "Why did I never think of it that way?", as you progress through the chapters. A familiar saying in our house is appropriate here: "Common sense isn't so common."

Reading this book has brought me back to my college days of being a vegetarian. I was a vegetarian back when everyone thought it was lunacy. I was compelled by a PETA magazine that landed in my hands. I just could not deal with the reality of how animals are treated by factory farmers. I could not contribute to their pain and suffering.

There were no real good products on the market. I didn't have the Internet or access to yummy cookbooks via the public library, or any other source for that matter. I just winged it so to speak. We ate some very bad tasting food while I traveled my learning curve. Now there are SO MANY resources that there is just no excuse for not eating very yummy and satisfying vegan meals.

Somehow I ended up back to my Standard American Diet (SAD), overweight, and discontent. I fell back to my roots. Within the past few years I have been trying to make my way back to a vegetarian based diet making more "conscious" eating choices. I have avoided grocery store purchased meats, eliminated cow's milk, and dramatically reduced other forms of dairy such as cheese and eggs.

Mr. Popick further challenges my thinking in that being a conscious consumer is still damaging. Eating any animal products and using any products that contain animal byproducts is just plain imoral. This has really challenged my thinking. He makes a very compelling argument.

From the back cover:

  • "Meatism" blocks our connection to God; veganism facilitates it - no religion required!
  • "Meatism" fosters suffering across the planet; veganism eliminates.
  • "Meatism" is destroying the environment; veganism is the ONLY way to save it.
  • "Meatism" actually creates famine; veganism produces abundance.
  • Veganism isn't about eating lettuce and tofu...vegan food is AMAZING!
  • Veganism doesn't cure disease...it eradicates it.
  • Veganism isn't a "diet"...it's a way of life. (But have you ever seen an obese vegan?)
  • Veganism is the ONLY proper way to love animals...And people.
  • Veganism is mandated by God...on PAGE ONE of the Bible.
  • Meat is The Real Forbidden Fruit; veganism is the key to Paradise.




colleen said...

how's it goin with the veganism? I don't absolutely, Just cut way way back. Milk contains casein which is what elmers glue is based on. A similar process happens in the digestion to cooking glue. The idea of all that glue in my innards makes me look twice at milk. Plus a bit 'o lactose intolerance.


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