Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In the Air

Today was the day that we sent our youngest daughter out on her first 'far-from-home' adventure. Amie Lynn left this morning for Georgia. This is her first trip on her own. This is her first experience with airplane travel. This is her first time out of the Midwest. Right at this very moment as I am typing this post she should be in the air.

I remember the very first time I flew. It was when I was 12 years old. I flew from Texas to Florida for a six-week visit with my grandparents. No, I didn't live in Texas. I had driven there with a family for a two-week visit there before heading to Florida. What an experience that was. I was uncomfortable then, and I am still uncomfortable with air travel to this day. Fortunately, God always places someone interesting in the seat next to me. Having a kind person to talk with really does a lot to pass the time and distract attention from fear.

Have you ever flown? Do you remember looking out the window and being above cloud-cover? Is that not one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen? I swear, it looks like you can just step right out of the plane and walk across the blanket of clouds. It's absolutely breath taking, and I really hope that she gets to experience the view for herself. She did choose a window seat, and she is flying in the daylight.

Oh, what an experience it must be for her. A young lady traveling alone across the country to visit her favorite person in the whole world, her "sister". Well, Becca really isn't her sister, but there are plenty of people who they have convinced otherwise. Becca is Amie's cousin by marriage, and they couldn't be closer. Becca just got married in April and moved to Georgia to be with her husband, Kevin, who serves in the Armed Forces. Kevin will be deploying to Iraq in a few weeks. Amie's trip to visit is our graduation gift to her. What is better than an adventure?

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dani said...

Ohhhh, You must be nervous, but I'm sure she'll have a blast.


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