Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Boot Camp Visit

Well, we made it safely to Chicago for Andrew's graduation from Navy Sea Cadet Boot Camp at Great Lakes Naval Academy. It was a great experience and very nice to see Andrew for a few hours.

He really seemed to enjoy himself, but he was glad to be moving on to new scenery. He did very well and learned a lot in such a short period of time. The Sea Cadets had the privilege in attending an actual ceremony where Navy Recruits become real enlisted Seamen. It seemed to have had a profound effect on him. He found the experience very emotional. Pat and I both feel that this experience will contribute greatly to his success when he attends actual Navy Boot Camp at the time of his enlistment. No, he has not changed his mind.

I truly believe that being in the military is Andrew's calling. This child has lived and breathed everything military ever since he was five years old. As a mother I never could have imagined myself encouraging any of my children to be in the military. At a certain point I came to the realization that I simply had no choice in the matter. This child was born to serve.

Now, it is a real pleasure for Pat and I to watch Andrew learn and grow into a polite and responsible young man right before our eyes. It is an even greater pleasure to be an active participant in the realization of his dream. How refreshing it is to see someone know exactly what they want, put goals in place to ensure success, and work toward an end goal daily. It is so awesome!

Andrew is now at Fort Custer in Battle Creek for a two-week Hazardous Materials Training. We will be attending another graduation soon. BRAVO ZULU, Andrew!

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Anonymous said...

Actually, Naval Training Center (NTC)/Recruit Training Command (RTC) is where basic training for all enlisted Sailors begins. The only actual "academy" the Navy has is the United States Naval Academy (USNA) at Annapolis, MD.

Up until 1993, the Navy had two other recruit training centers besides NTC Great Lakes: NTC San Diego, CA; and NTC Orlando, FL. Both were closed as part of Congress' base closure and realignment actions.


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