Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The First Guy that Ever Bought Me Flowers

It is times like these that I feel my dad's genes at work in my psyche. I just watched the movie, Juno, with my son. I am feeling very melancholy. You see, it's about this 16-year-old girl that has the greatest personality. She really is more wise than she realizes. Well, her and this guy, kind of the geek type, get busy in a chair. Needless to say, upon the wand appears a pink cross.

Juno handles the situation herself with a wonderful support network. In the end an unplanned baby gets a mother, and a young girl finds true love. The soundtrack for this movie is awesome and well worth owning. It is the soundtrack, however, that led me to my current mellow, melancholy state.

There once was a guy named Pete, and we had a song. He was amazing, funny, true, and kind. We both had braces, and we had so much fun together. One day we had a fight. I never saw him again. He died in a terrible car accident in which his sister was driving and narrowly escaped with her own life. Pete wasn't the only one that left us that day. There were others that passed in the same accident. It was so unbearably painful.

There was a school function. He was supposed to be there, but he never made it. I never got to say, "I'm sorry." Isn't it amazing how once we are gone life just keeps moving? It seems like time should stand still, but it doesn't. The grass grows. The sun rises and sets. The Sea of Love lives on in movies like, Juno. Yes, that was our song. Yes, I still think of him from time to time. And, yes, he was the first boy to ever give me flowers.

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