Monday, June 02, 2008

Seasonal Allergy Relief - Using a Neti Pot

According to over 50 million Americans suffer from allergies. The immune system of an individual that suffers from allergies will react to a normally harmless substance. Examples of allergens that may cause an allergic reaction include:

Dust mites
Pet dander
Insect bites

When a person experiences an allergic reaction their immune system is treating the substance as an invader and goes into attack mode. Even though this is a false alarm the symptoms generated are real. All allergies are caused by an unhealthy immune system. The immune system generates a compound called IgE antibodies releasing chemicals into the bloodstream. An allergic reaction can be anywhere from a mild inconvenience easily remedied on your own to a life threatening endeavor requiring medical attention.

Allergies fall into two categories. They can be annual or perennial with perennial allergies being the most difficult to treat. Annual allergies occur at specific times of the year, and perennial allergies can happen at various times throughout the year.

Common annual allergies:

Tree pollen
Grass pollen
Fungi and mold

Common perennial allergies:

Dust and dust mites
Tobacco smoke
Fungi and mold

Common air-born allergy symptoms can include:

Running and/or stuffy nose
Itchy eyes, nose and throat
Watery eyes
Conjunctivitis (inflammation of the eye membrane)
Dark circles under the eyes
Eye swelling
One of the best ways to head off allergies is to eat a healthy diet. Consuming pleny of fruits and vegetables gives your body the nutrients it needs to help build a strong immune system. Other natural remedies include:

Consuming raw juices
Apple Cider Vinegar
Flax Seed Oil
Oil of Oregano
Daily Multi-Vitamin

In my personal experience in a lifetime of suffering from annual allergies including the perennial dust and mold allergies cleanliness is extremely important. Doing the following will help deter an allergic reaction and/or reduce current symptoms:

Wash hands and face regularly
Keep bedding and pillows laundered
Keep hair pulled back from face
Dust and vacuum carpet and furniture regularly
Use a vacuum that filters the air or wear a mask when cleaning
Run room air filters 24-hours per day
Bathe pets regularly
Seek chiropractic care
Use a neti pot to clean sinuses
Using a neti pot is something I discovered in the past year or so, and what a difference it has made for me. It is simple but does require a little practice. Neti pots have gained in popularity, so they are easily found at your local health store, department stores and Online at for your shopping convenience.

To use a neti pot remember the following tips:

Make sure neti pot is clean before use
Remember to put in the correct amount of salt
Use warm water
Tilt head at appropriate angle

Once you have experienced the benefits of cleaning your sinuses with a neti pot you will be so happy. It is such a simple way to reduce, maybe even eliminate, your allergy symptoms. I have experienced tremendous relief since discovering the neti pot. If you have severe allergies, you may want to use the neti pot several times per day. You may wish to visit for a demonstration on the use of a neti pot

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