Tuesday, July 15, 2008

'80's Retro?


Yes, it's true! The 1980's are no longer just the 1980's. The '80's are retro! It has officially been over 28 years since the 1980's began. Wow! It really wasn't just yesterday that I graduated from high school. For those of us that grew up in the '80's this does come as a bit of a shock.

Have any of you found yourself just coming to this realization lately like myself? I started realizing that the '80's were a bit longer ago than I cared to admit when I noticed businesses advertising that they'd been in business since 1984, or some other year in the '80's. I'd think to myself, "Big deal!" Then I'd do the math. I guess 24 years of business is a big deal, isn't it? That means that we are one year shy of my 20-year high school graduation anniversary. How on earth did that happen?

Well, time flies when you're having fun! What were you doing to have fun in high school? Do you remember the popular movies of the time? Movies like "Sixteen Candles", "The Breakfast Club", "Pretty in Pink", "Weird Science", "The Outsiders", "Porky's", "Back to the Future", "Risky Business", "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", "Big", "The Empire Strikes Back", "9 to 5", and "Airplane" are certainly part of your memories. TV was a pretty big deal then. Some of us hadn't even graduated to color yet. I know our family didn't get a color television until I was in high school. So, that would have been the mid '80's. Gee, what will our kids be saying about the 2000's when 2020 is here?

Personally, I loved the movie, "The Outsiders". I read the book when I was a young teen and was not disappointed by the movie like sometimes happens. The movie was adapted from the S.E. Hinton book by the same name. There was just something about that group of kids that I could relate to; kids being in charge of themselves and each other; not being to count on the adults in their lives; hanging out until all hours; learning and growing together. I could relate to it all. I felt a connection with them, and it was so cool to watch the "Brat Pack" go on to become established stars. I still enjoy watching them today.

Guess what? For all you "30-somethings" something cool is being done to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the movie WarGames in theaters nationwide on July 24th. There will be a one-night showing that will include never-before-seen interviews with the film's creators and cast, including Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy, and the crew. At this one-night-only event you will also get a sneak peek at the making of the sequel, "War Games: The Dead Code".

Personally, I am really looking forward to this. As the mother of two teenage boys that love technology and movies this will be a great opportunity to take them down memory lane with me. It will be fun to watch both movies with them!

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