Saturday, July 05, 2008

One Down; Two to Go

Well, the kids have started trickling back home. We got back this afternoon from picking Andrew up at Fort Custer in Battle Creek. He actually graduated from two trainings, POLA and Hazardous Materials. There was some type of mix-up that made it a bonus for him; two trainings in one with no extra fees. You have to love that! Now he will be able to advance more quickly. He just has to get his course work completed. He'll see E4 in no time.

Adrian is slated to arrive home sometime tomorrow afternoon. What a blessing it is to have a ride just "drop out of the air" for him. We have been saved from two early mornings and long travel days in a row. I think Pat and I will likely hit the pavement on two wheels in the morning. The weather is supposed to stay beautiful, so it should be perfect.

Do any of you women out there ride? I went down to Secretary of State and got my permit to get my cycle endorsement last year. I didn't ride enough and never got my license. Now, Pat is really bugging me to do it this summer. In all honesty, I really do want my endorsement. He just stresses me out about it, and we live in a VERY urban area with TONS of traffic. Talk about being thrown in with the sharks! Last year I just tooled around the neighborhood practicing stopping, going, and shifting. I just want to be proficient and confident before swimming with the big beasts. You know what I mean?

Anyway, back on track here. Thursday is our day that we pick up Amie from the airport. I am sure she will have plenty to share with us upon her return. Once we get her home, everyone that lives here will be present and accounted for.

Meanwhile, our one twin, Tammi, that lives in Indiana is coming home for a few days to visit with the little one in tow, Rocco. We don't see him often, and it takes him a little while to warm up to us since we are stranger to him than most. :-) We also got BIG news. When Pat talked to Tammi last she informed us that she is pregnant with number two child. That means that we will have seven children and five grandchildren, and we aren't even done raising kids yet! What in the world? People already look at me like I have three heads when I tell them our current family statistics. Initially, it is shocking enough to them that I am a Nana. Then, I get to tell them I have FOUR grandkids. Now I get to make that FIVE! Absolute insanity!!! BTW ~ I am a mere 37 years young!

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