Thursday, July 31, 2008

Interlude on Account of Rain

This post has been popping back in my head lately. I wrote it over a year ago before my blog was published publicly, so I thought I would republish it today. I hope you enjoy. Take time to soak it in...

Today my plans were changed on account of rain. No complaints here! In fact I find the current downpour to be a wondrous blessing. I just love thunderstorms, and have been relishing in the quiet within while laying back and just listening. The sweet solitude of a summer storm does two things for my spirit. This morning I discovered a large part of my joy in a boisterous storm is the connection it creates for me with God. Living here in the Midwest it's pretty much the only time I can actually hear God at work. I love the thunder, the flash of light across the sky and the sound of raindrops dancing on rooftops. The other reason I find such enjoyment in rain especially is that it just seems to water my Irish roots. The older I get the more connected I feel to my heritage. I think rain must reside in my blood.

I have been extremely busy with the grandkids, and it seems to be leaching away my time with the kids. I am desperately trying to establish a balance in my life, but there is just so much to weigh. Fortunately, I had a two day break, today and yesterday. Yesterday I made it a priority to complete my errands, chores and personal demands. Today was to be the day spent with the kids. We were going to do the Pepsi and Mentos experiment at the park. We were also going to plant some flowers that were given to us by a neighbor. Not this today. Instead we are going to bake peanut butter cookies and watch movies we rented from Family Video. That is once everyone is up and ready. It is now almost noon, and everyone is still moving slowly about, those of us that are moving anyway.

I don't know many people that enjoy the weather even remotely similar to the same way that I do. I find weather activity absolutely fascinating and beautiful. Falling rain nurtures and stimulates the life of nature. Today I will soak it in with the full knowledge of it's intent and purpose to nurture and stimulate my soul. Today I will be refreshed. Today I will be renewed. Today my spirit will drink in God...all on account of rain.

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