Monday, July 14, 2008

Pat's Dad

Well, tough times are here. Pat's dad is in the hospital, and it's worse than we thought. About two months ago they found cancer the size of an egg in one of his lungs. Pat's dad is a smoker big time. As soon as he found out he quit smoking to prepare for surgery. They needed to increase his lung capacity in order for him to be strong enough to withstand the operation.

Quitting smoking wasn't enough, so they did physical therapy. That didn't work either. Surgery was put off. This past week they decided to take a biopsy of the lump and went in to get it. Like I said, his lung capacity is down and it collapsed. It was terrifying. From then on it has been artificially filled. They tried to plug it the other day and let it keep itself inflated, and it collapsed again.

We don't know how much more his body can stand. He is not doing well at all. His memory is shot, and you can tell he's scared. It seems to bother him most that he cannot remember things as opposed to the health issues that he is having.

Please keep Pat's dad, Ervin, and his family in your prayers. This is a real tough time for everyone. Pat and his siblings have been taking turns staying the night with his mom to get her back and forth to the hospital and make sure she is alright. I know this is tough on everyone. Your prayers are appreciated very much.

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