Saturday, July 12, 2008

Feeling Blah

Do you ever have those moments, days, weeks, months; you know the ones where you just feel blah? I don't know that there is any better way to describe the feeling. Blah just about fits it perfect. Any idea what I am talking about?

I have been working through Healing is a Choice by Stephen Arterburn. I told you all about this book before. It's great, and I just love studying with a group. My husband and I are actually doing it simultaneously and attending the group studies together. I am so thankful! If it were not for learning about the process of healing I am most certain I would feel insane. Lord knows I have felt that way in the past. Isn't growing and learning the greatest thing?

I'll have to make it a point to visit some of your blogs that discuss marriage issues. I know that is what has me down. My husband and I have been together for over 11 years now, and we still have no idea how to communicate. I am most certain that life could have been much more pleasant if we only knew how to talk to each other. It has become my priority to learn how to maintain stability even when someone treats me in a way that I may deem not so nice. It is much more difficult than it might sound to stay centered even when you are feeling attacked.

I am so thankful for my best gal pal. If it were not for this one person that knows me totally and completely, accepts me for who I am, and listens to me even when I sound like a broken record I have no clue how I would survive. Thank you, God, for best friends! It has crossed my mind on more than one occassion how a good friend is such a gift from God and how lonely it must be not having at least one friend that you can tell absolutely anything at all.

So, even though I am feeling a little alone, I know I am not. I have God. I have my gift from God; my best friend. I have my family. I have my dog, Gypsy. I have a circle of friends. I have my church family. I may feel sad and alone, but I know that I am surrounded by supportive, friendly people.

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