Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Dirt Devil Goes Green

I don't know how you feel about housework, but I have grown to avoid working hard at it. As a mother of seven children, grandparent to almost five, and residing in a home with two dogs and three cats housework is inevitable. But who says it has to be labor intensive or costly?

I say keep it "simple-stupid".


With the new Dirt Devil AccuCharge your life just got more simple. Not to mention since the AccuCharge is the first Energy Star approved vacuum ever you will save energy thereby keeping the world green as well as keeping some green in your wallet. Your back will also thank you since the Dirt Devil AccuCharge is compact and lightweight.

Even though we are down to three kids at home, and they are now older, "kid-simple" is still a must. We all contribute to the house cleaning. Things have a way of getting done a little better when it is easy to do. Since the Dirt Devil AccuCharge has a convenient and efficient docking station every family member will always know where to find it. With the convenience of being cordless it will be easy to move from room to room and floor to floor. Location and surface becomes a non-issue since you can control the rotating brush turning it off for flat surfaces like tile or wood. This is easy enough that younger children will be able to easily help mom or Nana while they still think cleaning is fun!

With an environmentally conscious teen and a family working more and more toward being green, the Dirt Devil AccuCharge fits right in. Recycle, compost, turn off switches, unplug things not being used, vacuum with a Dirt Devil AccuCharge. Who doesn't want to use 70% less energy? Now if they could only make it that simple and efficient when it comes to powering our vehicles!

Sponsored by Dirt Devil AccuCharge

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