Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Big Pharmacy

I found this while dropping cards through Entrecard on the DorkChow blog. I actually do have a subscription through Dr. Mercola's website. As mentioned on DorkChow this is a promotion for a new book, but the information is real and true. What do you do to take control of your health care?

Our family has been without health insurance for years, and I am actually grateful. Sure this has cost us some serious cash flow now and again, but in my thinking it is totally worth it. No one dictates to us what doctors we can and cannot see, what type of care we have to have, or what type of treatment we are allowed to seek.

The amount of trust that is bestowed upon the medical industry always baffles me. We are afraid to speak to a stranger Online, leave our children in the care of a sitter, fly on an airplane, you name it, but we will let a complete stranger cut open our bodies and change the parts around like a mechanic on an automobile. What?

I am sure this short video will cause you to pause and think long after it's viewing:

1 comment:

dani said...

Whooa, kinda scary, and I'm a nurse. Makes you think though.


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